First Day

by raincipher

When a great thing happen in your life, you must celebrate. It’s an unspoken rule, that I really don’t wanna breake it right now, you know. So I decided to go out tonight instead of staying in and start my life. Really I just realized what I wanna do with my life. I was a couch potato for too long. I started many things till now, but every time i ended on the couch playing games xD Not good, not good at all, so I saw my future. I WANT TO MAKE GAMES!

I really want this and I know I’m ready to learn game programming, I checked some forums, some sites and tutorials and I see a long road, but I’m only xx years old and I feel I can do it.

Nevertheless, tonight I’m going out, but I promise tomorrow I’ll post what I have till now.

Good night!