by raincipher

It’s monday, not like i do something import today, but everybody complain about it, so i do it too. I was 2 hours at university, learned nothing, as usual and now i play a game.

Yeah, i won, i’m the best, what can i say.

Let’s see. Today, i should send some AI problems and clean my computer. I hope tomorrow i will do some deep clean because it’s kind of slow. After the cleaning i’ll have a full view on my books and materials.

1.I’ve sent some problems to AI, i’m not proud by myself, i have a low score till now, but i have to move fast and start to program some more in Prolog to learn this and send some more, much more. I’ll do it this week!

2.I’ve cleaned the desktop, or sort of. I need to do a deep clean like i said, but i’ll do it tomorrow when i wake up. Now i need a game and some relax before i go to sleep.

So, good night!